TikTok Banned in India: Here’s How Creators Have Been Dealing With It

TikTok Banned in India: Here’s How Creators Have Been Dealing With It

  • TikTok ban left lots of Indian TikTok creators in the lurch
  • They’ve adapted their content for other social media platforms
  • They’ve revealed how much money they could make on TikTok

India banned several Chinese apps overnight last month. One of the apps banned was TikTok. While TikTok’s ban seems like a distant memory now, it did leave a lasting impact on its user base of about 200 million people. But have you ever wondered whatever happened to the people creating content for the app? We talked to some popular TikTok creators to find how they are coping with the ban and where they can be found now. We also asked them how they started making content in the first place and how they monetised their content on TikTok.

All the TikTokers that we interviewed share one thing in common — their initial struggles and how they snapped out of it to amass millions of fans.

“I used to make small comedy scripts, but that didn’t quite work out. So one fine day I just posted a casual video with my mom and it went viral. I got views in millions,” says Akash Putti, a software engineer-turned TikToker.


The idea of earning money from making short videos was surprising to Varanasi-based content creator Shambhavi Singh.

“Four years ago, I didn’t know that I could get paid by making videos. Since then I started doing paid collaborations on TikTok,” says Singh.

“I have always tried to maintain the hygiene of my channel because views get affected if you do a lot of brand promotions,” she adds.

TikTokers are now adopting other short video sharing apps such as Chingari, Roposo and even the recently launched Instagram Reels.

Some are even biting the bullet and going for horizontal, longer form content on YouTube.

“My TikTok family is giving me love on other platforms too. They are following me on Instagram and subscribing me on YouTube. I’m getting a good response from them so far,” says 19 year-old Mohak Narang.