WhatsApp Web to get Dark Mode soon: Here is how to enable it right now

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode 

WhatsApp is set to receive dark mode on the web as well. The Facebook-owned social messaging platform has already brought dark mode to its application on Android as well as iOS. However, the dark mode remains missing from the web interface of the service. While WhatsApp is officially working on bringing dark themes to the web, you can go ahead and enable dark themes right now. While you can wait for the official update, there is now an option to enable dark mode right now. Also Read – WhatsApp Pay faces antitrust accusation by India’s watchdog: Report

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode: How to enable it now

The first step is to visit WhatsApp Web and then open WhatsApp on your phone and tap menu and select WhatsApp Web. Now, point your phone at the screen and capture the code. This will immediately log you into the web version of the social messaging service. With the web version open, simply right click on the window and then click on the “Inspect” at the bottom. You can alternatively press Ctrl+Shift+I to inspect the webpage. Also Read – WhatsApp launches new campaign to curb fake news amid COVID-19

This will immediately open the code of the page along with a console for editing. At the top, you will find a string ‘body class=web’ that defines the class of the original theme. Now, simply replace the word web with web dark. Once the string is replaced, simply press ENTER. This should immediately turn the interface into a dark theme. However, when you refresh the tab or close the page, WhatsApp Web will automatically switch back to the light theme. Also Read – WhatsApp adds Messenger Rooms shortcut for Android users: Where to find it?

WhatsApp Pay faces antitrust accusation by India's watchdog: Report

In the future, we expect WhatsApp Web to have a software toggle that changes this setting within Inspect. WABetaInfo notes that Thales, a member of its Discord Server Community, originally discovered this trick. The feature should work regardless of the browser that you use. While repeating this procedure every time you access the service might be painful, we recommend waiting for the official toggle.