Fuel Efficiency Tips for Armored Vehicles

The gas prices seem to be on an ever-running rollercoaster where you’d never be able to guess the tips and the highs! Since armored vehicles involve steeper operation costs, the gas prices are a point of concern for the armored car owners.

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For most armored vehicles, you can consider these 10 tips to maintain your pocket despite gas price fluctuations.

  1. Slow Down

You can improve the fuel efficiency of your armored truck by as much as a gallon by controlling the speed by around 10mph. A company Con-Way was reported to adjust the speed governors to a maximum of 62mph from 65mph and ended up saving around 3.2 million gallons of fuel that year.

  1. Remove Excess Load Where Possibl

You’d get better gas mileage if the vehicle remains light. Removing any unrequired weights or reducing payloads will help you to cut down on fuel costs.

  1. Communicate

Drivers must be allowed to communicate with the administration or at the garage in case of any issues with the armored vehicle. If the driver is able to report issues with the vehicle on time, chances are that the repairs would also reverse the impact it had on gas mileage.

  1. Check the Tire Pressure

With the tires of your armored vehicle kept properly inflates, chances are you’d improve the gas mileage. For a single vehicle it might be negligible, but for a fleet the savings will be substantial.

  1. Reduce Unnecessary Idling

Unnecessary idling, especially in and around the garage, consumes up to a gallon of fuel in an hour, as reported by Environment Leader. Reducing the idling can help you increase overall cost saving on fuel.

  1. Decrease Gear Ratio

You can improve gas mileage by opting with a lower gear ratio. An intensive study by PHH First Fleet has suggested that you could save fuel with a lower gear ratio.

  1. Watch Your Shifting

The driver should be trained well with shifting gears. Shifting too quickly in lower gears adds to fuel consumption. A well trained driver can hence save on fuel costs.

  1. Update Routes

Regularly update the routes for your armored fleet to ensure that the route you take is the most fuel-efficient. This is needed due to continuous updating of roads and routes which many people tend to ignore.

  1. Consider Hybrid Engines

There are companies coming up with hybrid engines in armored vehicles since 2011. You could opt for an armored truck with a hybrid engine or one with features like engine-off-at-stop to ensure there is no unnecessary idling.

  1. Keep Vehicles in Good Shape

To save on gas costs, it is essential that your vehicles undergo routine maintenance checks. Replacing the armored vehicle sway bars in time and keeping a track of oil changes can really help improve the gas mileage.

Improve fuel efficiency of your armored vehicles with these tips not just to cut down costs, but also to ensure you’re doing your bit for the environment.