Here’s How to Find Out the Cost to Develop an App

Investing in mobile app development has become a fad. Isn’t it so? Going with the flow, if you wish to enter the mobile app industry, it is likely that you wish to know how much does it cost to develop an app.

Just like apparels and food items, the cost to develop a mobile app is not a constant value. It varies based on different factors, such as:

App Type

A standalone application with minimal features would demand lesser funds than a fully-interactive mobile application, a social media platform, or an enterprise mobile app. For example, Enterprise app development cost around $50,000 to $ 1,75,000 whereas an MVP of Instagram itself needs around $40,000. Can you see the difference? So, consider the type of mobile application you want to build for estimating the app cost.

App Platform

The cost to develop an app also varies with the platform targeted. For example, if you are planning to build a Netflix clone app for Android or iOS, it will cost you around $30,000. Whereas, if you want to make your app available on both the platforms, it will range up to $70,000. Likewise, the cost for an app that runs on Android, iOS, and Web is more than $100,000. So, pay attention to the platform before asking for a quote.

App Design

If you are comfortable with a simple and sober design, it will take just 140 hours, which implies nearly $5,000 if you hire a mobile app development agency at $30/hr.  While an engaging design would demand around 400 hours, which means $12,000 at the same hourly rate. So, make the choice wisely.


No matter how simple your app is, the development hours invested into the coding process will matter with respect to app price. If you start developing your application from scratch, it will demand more development hours, which means more development cost. But, if you reuse the code for modules like the login screen, the coding hours, as well as cost, will reduce.

As per the top mobile app development agencies, code reusability cut down the app cost by 20%-30%.


The cost to make an app also elevates depending on the number of testing tools used – their type and pricing. So, add the testing costing into the total app cost.

App Launch

The efforts and cost to publish a mobile application also add to the overall mobile app development cost. Even if you neglect the development hours, you need to pay a one-time fee of $25 to Google Play Store while $99/yr to Apple app store for submitting your application.

Team Size

If you hire a freelancer team of 5-10 experts, they would cater to your app needs at around $25,000. But, if you consult with a mid-scale company with around 500-1000 experts, they will charge between $25,000 and $200,000. Likewise, a large cap mobile app development firm with 3000+ experts to feed will give a quote of around $450,000 to $1,500,000.


The location of the team you hire makes a major difference in the mobile app development cost. Sounds absurd? Have a look at the following average hourly costing as per the location:

  • India: $18-$40
  • Russia: $25-$45
  • Australia: $65-$90
  • USA: $100-$150

The aforementioned are just a few factors that influence the cost to develop an app. To get a detailed insight and estimate the costing of your individual application, contact the experts.