3 Benefits of Replacement Windows for Your Home

They may not top your list of home improvement priorities, but replacement windowsmust be there on the list. You need to examine the benefits of replacement windows specially if your windows are drafty, foggy, have rotten frames or sills, or are difficult to open and close. Not only to new windows improve your home’s appeal, they also provide added security, help maintain consistent temperatures, and save energy.

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Replacement Windows Save Money Now and Later

Though costly initially, the energy savings over the years can make replacement windows one of the best home improvements you make. Upto 30% of your home’s heat is lost with old single-pane windows. On the contrary, the newer energy efficient windows are designed to keep the heat in or out, depending on the weather.

Moreover, the new double or triple paned windows are designed to keep air from escaping your home as they are filled with gas, usually krypton or argon. Low thermal emissivity or Low-e windows also have a thin coating applied to it, causing solar waves or long wave infrared energy from the run to get reflected, thus keeping your home comfortable.

Besides adding on these saving over time, your utility company may be offering rebated for new windows while you may also claim an income tax deduction for the energy efficient replacement windows.

New Windows Will Increase Your Home’s Worth

If you replace the windows before putting your home up for sale, the majority of the cost of the window will be recovered. In case of an old home, the new windows will add more value and add to the profits you make. The newer windows will help add to the appeal of the home, making it look well cared for and contemporary.

Even if you choose to live in the house, the new windows will help save on energy costs and also add value to the aesthetics, and are thus an excellent investment. Also, new windows can have multiple locks and your insurance costs can thus be reduced.

The Comfort of Replacement Windows

The home is the place you have spent most of your time in and it is where you are most comfortable. The cost is only a minor factor of the benefits of replacement windows. The new windows will add natural light, filter out noise, and provide improved views besides being of a custom design of your choice, thus adding to your home’s overall value. Also, new windows in the market may offer UV protection for your flooring, furniture and furnishings, and walls, thus increasing the longevity of other elements of your home. Also, they will require little or no maintenance compared to your older windows.

Thus replacement windows may seem like a minor change and of little priority, but they will benefit your home and improve the quality of life you lead within the walls of your territory.