HP's new Spectre 13 is the world's thinnest laptop

HP's new Spectre 13 guns for Apple's MacBook Air

Apple’s MacBook Air for the last 8 years has set the standard for what one defines as a great laptop. It created the ultrabook category, but nowadays, it is showing its age as Apple hasn’t refreshed its design in a couple of years. HP is taking this as a window of opportunity with its new Spectre 13 notebook, which it unveiled on Monday.

It doesn’t come with ancillary bells and whistles, but HP’s new machine is the world’s thinnest notebook at 10.4mm. It is a good deal thinner than Apple’s MacBook Air which measures at 13.2mm.

HP focusses on the essentials. So it has managed to outfit the laptop with a powerful Intel core i7 processor coupled with 8GB RAM. Most Windows machines of this class normally come with Intel’s Core M processor which is more power efficient but also less powerful. Even the new MacBook with retina display has an Intel Core M processor.

HP hasn’t even opted for a touch-screen or an outlandish 4K resolution on the display. Instead, it has a standard 13.3-inch Full HD display.

HP has focussed on design and used a combination of aluminium and carbon fibre in its construction to keep things light. It also gets a large bronze element along its edge for the sake of aesthetics that HP is hoping will lend the device a level of panache that’s not seen on most notebooks.

It also manages to pack three USB-Type C ports of which two double as a ‘Thunderbolt ‘ connectors too. So, there are no Retina MacBook like trade-offs.

HP claims 9.5 hours of battery life which will be lesser than the MacBook Air’s 12 hours, but still close enough. The company is also adopting leanings from smartphones in the device. It has added a heat pipe in the notebook for insulation as it has a powerful processor. Heat pipes have off-late propped on smartphones like the Galaxy S7 and the Microsoft Lumia 950.

The Spectre 13 will be launched in the US for $1,169.99 or Rs 78,000 approximately. Currently, there is no word when the notebook will be launched in India.