Before you switch to an iPhone, read this

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The iPhone’s prestige allure

There is a prestige factor with the iPhone that even I – an Android enthusiast – must acknowledge. Almost all of my friends have one; it’s a fashion statement. Most of the girls I date have one. Buy many owners don’t seem to know how to get the most out of it – and I’m often asked why I don’t own one.

If someone wants a bland but nevertheless seamless smartphone experience, then the iPhone is temping. But that’s all there is too it. It’s a shallow device, but that’s why marketing efforts are so important for Apple. The device can’t really do that much, but the brand power can do a whole lot.

But Apple’s public persona does not fit with the company’s actions. Apple is a bully in the American market, suing Samsung over unjustified claims. This tactic has been successful so far, keeping a major potential competitor, Xiaomi, out of Apple’s way in the US. Apple is keeping desirable devices out of the market to maintain its grip. This has not hurt the brand yet but the upcoming Supreme Court case might put a dent in its image.

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Android flagships are getting their bearings

Flagship Android devices are becoming more fashionable than geeky, directly competing with the iPhone. Manufacturers are making more devices that appeal to style and not just specs. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is sleek and this device is in vogue.

Most Android brands with a premium flagship are aiming for fashionable devices. But the companies cannot only focus on the devices. They also have to improve their brand images. That’s how Apple has done so well but it’s also how it can be beaten. Android devices are already better and if their brands have the same prestige as Apple, it’s only a matter of time before the iPhone is pushed out of the market. Live by the logo, die by the logo.

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Don’t focus on the battles, concentrate on the war

This is a long-term perception battle. Android devices are better, but we need to let the market do its work. Over time, Apple’s upward trend will reverse; it’s inevitable. We can’t let setbacks or bad years dismay us. That’s how we lose the perception fight. If we think Apple can’t be beaten, then it has already won. This is damaging. We need to approach treat it as it is: a paper tiger.

Wars aren’t won by crying over every lost battle. The Android vs Apple fight is for the long haul. Instead of focusing on the fights that we don’t win, focus on the war, which will be won. The good news is the trend is just starting to reverse, but perception is ever powerful.

So, if you’re actually thinking of getting an iPhone, you need to ask yourself, how much does brand image factor into your temptation? Don’t let marketing sway you, overcome perception and think independently.