How to bring Alexa into every room of your home.

It’s surprisingly easy to add multiple Alexa devices to a single Amazon account. The Amazon Alexa app for iOS and Android walks you through the process. If you sync control of any smart home devices to one Echo unit, any other Echo products tied to the same account will also recognize them.

Thanks to an audio line-in on the Tap and the magic of Bluetooth, you can link the Tap to the Dot either over a cable or wirelessly. This combination gets you the better speakers and the portability of the Tap with the always-listening Alexa feature via the Dot. Buying both the Dot and Tap will cost $220, $20 more than a single Echo, but it gives you a more flexible set up with portability when you need it — and always-on Alexa convenience when you don’t.




 Another way to extend Alexa is a single Echo and a Voice Remote. That will cost $210 and it will give you the best speaker of the set, plus an Alexa contact point in one room. The Voice Remote uses Bluetooth, and the range proved extensive when we tried it out in the CNET Smart Home. I placed an Echo on the top floor, went two floors down into the basement, and the Echo still responded to my command